Craniofacial Surgery Services in NYC

Dr. Bastidas is a fellowship trained in Craniofacial surgery and has extensive knowledge of reconstruction of the skull, orbits, cheek bones and jaws.Many adults seeking a craniofacial surgeon have a history of a craniofacial syndome or defect as a child.Some adults develop disfiguring asymmetries as a result of tumors or trauma and seek the help of Dr. Bastidas to restore normalcy in their lives.Dr. Bastidas combine skeletal reconstruction using implants, bone grafts and 3d constructed alloplasts with soft tisuse reconstruction to recreate the normal anatomy.

A computer image of a face that needs craniofacial surgery in NYC   Patients undergoing craniofacial surgery with Dr. Bastidas benefit with the advantage of reconstructive care from a team of multidisciplinary physicians.