Ear Pinning

Large protruding ears can be a source of discomfort and teasing for children and adults. Otoplasty is a surgical option, which involves reshaping the cartilage of the ears to help approve the appearance. Incisions are made behind the ear so no visible scars are noticed. Sutures are placed internally to pin the ears back and immediate results can be obtained. This surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia for children and adults. Recovery is around 1 week, with some swelling persisting for several weeks. Results are permanent and met with a high degree of satisfaction. The goal is to create naturally appearing ears and not overly pinned back, “the over-operated” look. Dr. Bastidas has extensive knowledge of ear surgery from his work in total ear reconstruction (microtia).

Ear Pinning or Reshaping under Local Anesthesia

Ear pinning or reshaping of the ears can be safely performed in the office under local anesthesia.  This painless procedure takes 1-2 hours and can be done while you surf the web on your phone.   Permanent sutures are placed to help reshape or pin the cartilage back, through scars hidden behind the ear. Performing otoplasty under local anesthesia significantly reduces the cost of the procedure as well as allowing for immediate recovery since we are forgoing general anesthesia. 


Ear pinning
Minimally invasive “scar”