Lipoma Surgery Available Near Long Island

Lipomas are fatty tumors that are typically slow growing.  They can present anywhere on the head, neck or body.  As Lipomas grow they can become unsightly and sometimes push on nearby nerves making them uncomfortable when compressed. Lipomas can be genetic, and it is not uncommon for you to get other lipomas elsewhere later on.    In rare occasions, when a lipoma is painful, fixed and fast growing it could be a cancerous tumor known as liposarcoma. 
Dr. Bastidas removes lipomas under local anesthesia at both his New York City and Long Island locations.  The lipoma removal takes 10-15 minutes and is painless.  For very large lipomas, Dr. Bastidas may often use a liposuction technique to remove them instead of creating a big scar. 
A woman before lipoma surgery near Long Island
Lipoma Removal Before
lipoma removal in New York
Lipoma Removal After

lipoma removal in New York