Facial Paralysis Treatments Near Long Island

If your child has Bell ’s palsy, they need medical treatment. Bell’s palsy is a type of facial paralysis that often relates to the dysfunction of facial nerves. Nicholas Bastidas, MD, has years of experience treating children with facial paralysis and strives to help your child in the Long Island area regain full control of their facial features.

Learn About Facial Paralysis

We understand that facial paralysis can manifest in a variety of different ways. Often, facial paralysis is unilateral, or contained to one side of the face. Generally, the source is unknown, which means you have nothing to worry about or feel guilty for. Sometimes facial paralysis is linked with Lyme disease and the herpes simplex virus.

Our first step is to determine the severity of the paralysis and the location of it. Dr. Bastidas will evaluate the five branches of your child’s facial nerve, which connect to different muscle groups. We determine which branches are affected by the Bell ’s palsy and then develop a treatment plan for those branches.

The five different branches of your facial nerve include:

  • Forehead
  • Lower eyelid
  • Upper eyelid
  • Lower lip
  • Lip and cheek animation

We work with you to find a comprehensive treatment option that helps your child regain control of the motor functions in their face.

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Treatment for facial paralysis often depends on nerve and muscle transfers or focuses. We stress the value and importance of this treatment because facial paralysis can impact your child’s vision and social interaction, as well as the ways in which your child learns about their body and the world.

We work closely with you to assess what treatment strategy is best for your child’s specific situation. We hope to give your child the fullest life that they can experience.

When you need treatments for your child’s facial paralysis near Long Island, come to Nicholas Bastidas, MD. Complete our online form to schedule an appointment today.