Transgender Surgery Provided in NYC

Dr. Bastidas has been performing top surgery for transgender patients for over 13 years. The goal is to create a natural appearing male or female chest with minimal scars. A transgender male chest should be flat and without a significant mammary fold. The nipple/areola should be small and shaped ovoid and placed in the appropriate chest wall position. Breast tissue is removed either with a small incision around the nipple or a larger direct skin excision on the chest for larger breasted patients. The procedure is performed as an outpatient in less then 2 hours and has a fast recovery. Drains are used for less then one week when necessary and our patients typically use minimal pain medication. Dr. Bastidas offers minor revisions when the skin has healed to fully perfect the appearance of your new chest and give the best top surgery results.


A transgender surgery that we completed in NYC    Transgender female to male breast surgery    Transgender female to male breast surgery

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