female necklift NYC and long island

The tell-tale sign of aging remains the lower third of the face and neck as gravity and time take their toll on all of us. Dr. Bastidas has trained with pioneers and leaders in face lifting techniques and can obtain natural results with minimal scarring. Gone are the old days of over tightening the skin.

A common misconception is that fillers (juviderm, voluma, restylane, etc…) can be injected instead of doing a facelift when necessary.  Unfortunately, patients are often guided toward spending a great deal of money on multiple syringes of temporary filler instead of the more effective surgical solution.  Filler works great in certain situations and is complimentary to facelift surgery.  Facial aging is the result of the descent of fat, overlying skin and loss of bone volume.  To properly  “turn back the clock”, tissues must be resuspended in the more youthful position as well as adding volume to the deficient areas.  Simply injecting the face in an attempt to create a lifted look results in strange over injected full faces.  In addition, the sagging of the neck skin and the plastymal bands can not be adequately treated with filler alone.

 Dr. Bastidas sculpts and elevates the muscle layers so that overlying skin sits naturally and without the “wind tunnel” look. In addition, volumizing procedures such as fat grafting are combined with the face and neck lift to restore youthfulness without appearing artificially enhanced. Scars are well hidden in the hairline and creases and the effects can be seen instantaneously.  Our patients look natural, and do not have that overpulled look.

This procedure is typically performed as an outpatient in our ambulatory center and with a 7-10 day total recovery.  The recovery is relatively painless with only temporary swelling and bruising being the evidence of having had surgery.   In addition, eyelid surgery is frequently offered at the same setting. Facial rejuvenation is offered in both our long island and new york city locations.

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