Breast Reduction

Dr. Nicholas Bastidas, credentialed in both adult and pediatric plastic surgery, performs a wide range of surgical procedures for his patients. His patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery are among his most satisfied patients given the immediate improvement in symptoms and in the form of the breast.

Some of the challenges Dr. Bastidas' breast reduction patients have faced with oversize breasts include backaches, neck aches, skin irritation under breasts, difficulty breathing, grooves in shoulders from bra straps, poor posture and numbness in parts of the breast and upper chest from excessive weight. Self-esteem is often negative when someone dislikes her body image.  Large breasts often sag under the excessive weight of the breast creating further discomfort and reduction in self-esteem. 

Dr. Bastidas performs breast reduction surgery on men and women, on young girls for the same reasons as previously mentioned and on men with over-developed breasts. This condition is a tremendous challenge for a young male at a time in life when many are already struggling with their body image. Relief from this can be life changing.  This condition, gynecomastia, presents after puberty as a result of an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone and occurs with the greatest frequency among boys who are overweight as fat cells predispose boys to higher levels of estrogen.

Dr. Bastidas is a founding member of the Institute of Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery. Within the entity is a center of excellence, the Center for Young Adult and Adolescent Breast Surgery. This Center with its multidisciplinary physicians is an excellent resource for the treatment of gynecomastia.  Treatment protocol for gynecomastia begins with weight loss and hormone therapy for some boys. The pediatric endocrinologists that work with Dr. Bastidas through the Institute of Pediatric Plastic Surgery will sometimes prescribe medication that will reverse the effects of estrogen and may reduce the size of breasts. Dr. Bastidas has delivered breast reduction surgery to pediatric patients, both female and male, upon reaching the age of fifteen. Recovery from breast reduction surgery moves along quickly. Removal of breast tissue by Dr. Bastidas is highly successful and makes a significant improvement in the lives of these young patients.

For Dr. Bastidas' adult patients seeking breast reduction, the benefits of reducing physical pain and discomfort and a better proportioned body with enhanced confidence are some of the motivations that drive the decision to have breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery, referred to as mammoplasty, may be covered by the patient's health insurance and the team at Dr. Bastidas' office will help his patients to pursue this coverage. The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are in good general health with a BMI (Body Mass Index of 35 or below), nonsmokers (or having not smoked for 6 weeks prior to surgery) and motivated to rid themselves of over-sized breasts. Smokers must also agree to not resume smoking until two months post-surgery.  Breast reduction is often covered by insurance depending on the amount of breast tissue to be removed (which is dictated by your height and weight). 

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of breast fat, glandular tissue and skin. Patients will find their breasts are in better proportion to their body, the breasts will be more firm, they will experience relief from the pain of over sized breasts and will enjoy their exercise and active lifestyle more completely. Patients appreciate that their clothes fit better and they have greater confidence in themselves. While scarring from this surgery is a normal side effect, these scars will fade significantly over time.

Visit either of these websites: and for more information on breast reduction. Dr. Bastidas and his team look forward to meeting with you and giving you more details on this procedure. You will find Dr. Nicholas Bastidas to be highly qualified, compassionate and committed to delivering safe, excellent quality healthcare to his patients and assisting children and adults to comfortably navigate their breast reduction procedure.

Dr. Bastidas performs breast reduction surgery on men and women and youth with over-developed breasts. Dr. Bastidas performs breast reduction surgery on men and women and youth with over-developed breasts.