Craniofacial Surgery

Dr. Nicholas Bastidas is a plastic surgeon in New York City, board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery for both children and adults.  With a widespread reputation of excellence, Dr. Bastidas is committed to delivering the best care possible when performing craniofacial surgery.  Dr. Bastidas is a founding physician of the Institute of Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery (, a collaboration of physicians fueled by a passion for state-of-the-art care for their pediatric patients who undergo craniofacial surgery. With IPPCS's affiliation with Cohen Children's Medical Center, pediatric patients undergoing craniofacial surgery with Dr. Bastidas benefit from the strong  advantage of pediatric-focused care provided by a team of multidisciplinary physicians, anesthesiologists and nurses. Parents can rest assured that when their baby or child is undergoing craniofacial surgery, Dr. Bastidas and his team, with their pediatric focus, deliver care that is carefully  structured to meet the unique needs of babies and children. Dr. Bastidas knows that babies and children are not simply “small patients” but rather that they have a special set of distinct needs and he and his team will meet those needs.

Several of the major categories of craniofacial surgery performed by Dr. Bastidas include:

  • Apert and Crouzon Syndrome
  • Cleft lip and Cleft palate
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Hemifacial Microsomia
  • Orbit Reconstruction
  • Rombergs Disease
  • Trauma and Facial Reconstruction

Two of the multiple craniofacial surgeries Dr. Bastidas performs are Craniosynostosis and  Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgery. Dr. Bastidas performs these surgeries with great frequency and his depth of experience gives him the skills you want for your baby's surgery. Frequently cleft lip or palate is detected during a 20th week ultrasound.  When this is the case, parents are able to meet proactively with Dr. Bastidas, gather information and plan for treatment. Whether dealing with parents prior or post-birth, Dr. Bastidas will help parents to appreciate their baby's pre-surgery protocol, surgery, hospitalization and care upon returning home. Dr. Bastidas takes great care with parents to help them to understand how treatable cleft lip and cleft palate conditions are so that you can be more comfortable going forward.

Another frequent craniofacial surgery performed by Dr. Bastidas addresses craniosynostosis, a skull formation condition that causes a baby's head to be oddly shaped.  There are numerous ways in which this condition manifests itself and Dr. Bastidas has spent much of his professional time on the surgical repair of craniosynostosis. A baby's skull is comprised of five thin bones held together by fibrous material (sutures). As a baby's brain grows, the bones come together and eventually the sutures harden and close the skull together. However, there are occasions when one or more of the sutures harden too soon and result in an odd shape for the skull. This can pose serious developmental and cosmetic problems and surgical intervention is required. This condition is not obvious at birth but presents over the first several months. With over a decade of experience in treating infant skull malformation, Dr. Bastidas is the right physician to chose for your baby's craniosynostosis surgery.

Dr. Bastidas has a great deal of experience in performing craniofacial surgery on babies and children born with congenital facial deformities. There are many types of facial deformities caused by various skull malformations and the expertise of Dr. Bastidas and the entire team at the Institute for Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery will deliver safe, high quality, cutting-edge craniofacial surgery with optimal results. Parents will experience healthcare delivery at its best in an environment of professionalism and compassion. If you are interested in more information about any type of pediatric craniofacial surgery, visit our website and

Dr. Bastidas performs pediatric craniosynostosis & craniofacial plastic surgery with offices in New York & Long Island. Dr. Bastidas performs pediatric craniosynostosis & craniofacial plastic surgery with offices in New York & Long Island.