Craniosynostosis NY and Long Island

By Dr. Bastidas on 01/09/2019 4:44 PM

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The treatment of craniosynostosis has evolved over the years.  3D technology and improved tools for fixating bone have enabled us to achieve superior outcomes and offer the best possible care to our children.  Dr. Bastidas, a craniofacial expert based in NYC and Long Island, incorporates virtual planning to recreate the skull in near anatomic fashion.  Craniosynostosis surgery is performed in our Childrens Hospital in Long Island offering the utmost safety and conditions. Our craniofacial team optimizes the surgery using medications to decrease bleeding and reduce the need for blood transfusions.  Craniosynostosis repair surgical times are reduced to less then 4 hours because of virtual surgical planning and model fabrication. 
Unicoronal synostosis, metopic synostosis, sagittal synostosis and lambdoid synostosis all have their reconstructions designed specifically for the patient.  Working in junction with a pediatric neurosurgeon, our craniosynostosis team effectively performs the best reconstructions possible for our patients in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. 
Craniofacial surgery is typically performed around 9-11 months of age.  Donor directed blood may be provided if desired.  Using cutting edge techniques our need for revisions have dropped well below the national average.  Dr. Bastidas is a pioneer in using customized models and templates for reconstruction the orbits and forehead bones for our patient with craniosynostosis.  We see craniosynostosis patients nationally in either our NYC or long island offices.  Please call or email today to schedule a consultation and see our process for giving your child the best result possible in craniofacial reconstruction. 

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