Facial Feminization Surgery Medicaid Insurance Coverage in New York

By Nicholas Bastidas, MD on 03/11/2020 12:43 PM

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Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (or FGCS, facial feminization surgery, FFS) is now covered by Amida Care Medicaid in New York.  As craniofacial surgeons, we have been frustrated by the inability to help our transgender female patients obtain coverage for their facial feminization surgeries.  Most commercial insurance companies still consider FGCS/FFS to be cosmetic and each surgery needs to be argued on a case by case basis.  We all know how important facial reconstruction is for transitioning and we are optimistic these services will be more broadly covered in the future. 
Fortunately, Amida Care Medicaid has devoted its resources to helping the transgender community and allows us physicians to deliver their much-needed care.  Prior to scheduling surgery patients are required to get a 3D Catscan for imaging/planning purposes, as well as 2 letters of support from licensed professionals.  One of these letters is typically from a psychologist.  Please bring these letters with you for your initial consultation for facial feminization surgery at either our New York City or Long Island locations.  We have a team dedicated to transgender surgery and will deliver nothing less then the best results possible. 
Please contact us to schedule an appointment or ask questions, we look forward to meeting with you.

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