Non surgical Ear Molding

on 01/22/2020 1:22 PM

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Ear molding has offered us the ability to correct infant ear deformities, folded ears, ears that stick out, and spock ears without the need for surgery or pain.  Ear molding works best when applied within 3-4 weeks of life.  It must be worn constantly during this time.  It has holes in it so the baby can hear normally the whole time.  Ear molding does not cause discomfort during sleep or breast feeding.  It is over 90% effective when applied before 3 weeks old.  The procedure itself is safe and with low risks of complications (minor ulceration which usualy heals without event). 
Non surgical ear molding is performed at both our NYC and long island office.  Patients can easily come from upstate New York, NJ and Westchester for treatment.  We are available to our patients 24/7.  Ear molding is our #1 way to non surgically treat all misshapen ears to allow for a lifetime of correction without the need for future surgery.
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