What is the Shape of My Face

on 05/12/2021 6:09 AM

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What is the Shape of My Face?

Our facial features are part of what make us feel at home in our bodies. Some shapes of the face are considered more “masculine” while others are considered to be more “feminine.” For anyone receiving Facial Feminization Surgery, the goal is to provide them with a face shape and aesthetic appearance they are happy with. To serve as a general guide, we’ve compiled a list of some specific facial features that are considered to have a masculine aesthetic.


Facial Feminization Surgery for Masculine Features


Masculine throats tend to have an adam’s apple.

Facial Feminization Procedure: The adam’s apple is reduced to create a thinner, flatter throat. The cartilage is shaved under direct visualization through a stealth incision.


A masculine forehead is sometimes considered to have a more protruding slope.

Facial Feminization Procedure: The forehead slope can be reduced to represent a more feminine vertical line and the forehead area around the eyes is softened reducing the prominence especially on the side view.

Brow Area

Masculine brows tend to have a heavier appearance and sit lower on the forehead (at or below the supraorbital rims)

Facial Feminization Procedure: Eyebrows are lifted and enhanced.


A masculine hairline is typically thought of as sitting further back on the forehead, having a widow’s peak.

Facial Feminization Procedure: The overall hairline can be lowered, providing patients with a softer, more feminine (and youthful) look.


Masculine cheeks tend to sit lower on the face.

Facial Feminization Procedure: Cheeks can either be enhanced or reduced, providing a more full shape or a more narrow width depending on your anatomy.


A masculine jaw is typically thought of as being large, thick, and/or wide.

Facial Feminization Procedure: The jaw can be shaped to create a more delicate, V shape.


Chins that are large and wide are often thought to appear masculine and lack definition.

Facial Feminization Procedure: Chin recontouring, also known as Genioplasty, can include reducing, reshaping, or augmenting the shape and size of your chin.


Masculine lips tend to appear more narrow and thin.

Facial Feminization Procedure: The lips can be filled, lifted at the corners of the mouth, or reduced in the upper lip area. Upper lip height can be reduced using an incision under the nose (known as a lip lift).


Large earlobes are often thought of as appearing masculine.

Facial Feminization Procedure: Earlobes are enhanced for a more symmetrical, feminine appearance.


A nose that is considered masculine is typically larger with a wider/straighter bridge, lacks a defined slope, snd have a wider / more droopy tip.

Also known as a nose job, a Rhinoplasty procedure sculpts the nasal tip to create a more angular, refined appearance with a gentle slope and improved projection.

Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Bastidas

Dr. Bastidas is a leading surgeon of Facial Feminization Surgery in NYC and has been performing FFS procedures for more than a decade. He is an active member of the Center for Transgender Care at Northwell Health and incorporates the latest 3D virtual planning technology into every procedure. Dr. Bastidas is also a board-certified plastic surgeon who is fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery and the Director of the Advanced Facial Trauma and Reconstruction Program at North Shore, Manhasset.

His years of experience result in a multi-disciplinary approach with an aesthetically pleasing feminine appearance that looks natural.

For facial feminization surgery, call Dr. Nicholas Bastidas.

Schedule an appointment at our New York, NY, office at (212) 485-0616.

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